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50 Years of:

  • Stability

  • Predictability

  • Trustworthiness

Milam Felker provides businesses a level of stability and predictability that is not available at any other insurance agency.  Agency policyholders remain confident that their insurance premiums are competitive, their questions are addressed quickly & accurately, and their insurance satisfies all compliance requirements.  For these reasons, Milam Felker has become one of largest privately owned insurance firms based in the Permian Basin.

Milam Felker's success largely results from a commitment to remain locally owned & operated.  This allows Milam Felker employees the freedom to focus solely on serving the customers' interests and avoids potential conflicts that can arise when outside shareholders are involved.  Milam Felker representatives are West Texans and remain familiar with the challenges West Texas Business Owners struggle with like the fluctuation of oil prices.  The insurance carriers Milam Felker utilizes have an underwriting appetite specifically designed for the operations common to our region. 

The agency office is located in downtown Odessa, TX.  As insurance brokers, Milam Felker employees do not work for an insurance company.  Instead, businesses hire Milam Felker to represent them to the various insurance options available for their unique operations.  Multiple insurance quotations are often solicited for a business to consider.  The agency also maintains a personal lines, farm & ranch, and aviation insurance department to accommodate all of its client's insurance needs.

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